Arancita Spritz Recipe: Try This Seriously Good Aperitivo

arancita spritz recipe idea

Everyone loves a spritz. As far as cocktails go, they’re the perfect blend of good looks and great taste without knocking you out after the first sip. But we’re over ordering the same “certain-brand-that-shall-not-be-named” version so we’ve created our own take on this classic aperitivo.

Say hello to the Arancita Spritz, the new aperitivo you’ll love to drink this summer.

At first you might think, “Why is this any different?”.

Well, we’re using a blood orange aperitivo (ours, of course) that features 12 different botanicals. Then by swapping out the soda for tonic we add another layer of bittersweet zest and the lime cuts through both to give the whole drink a little extra zsa zsa zsu.

This aperitivo is super easy to recreate as the recipe only has four ingredients and four quick steps.

Arancita Spritz Recipe

We’ve written it as “parts” rather than ml so you can make it with no fancy equipment. It also makes it easier if you want to mix up a whole jug to share with friends.

1.5 parts Arancita Rosso
3 parts prosecco
2 parts tonic water (we used Fever Tree)
2 chunky lime wedges


  1. Grab a nice big wine glass, or whatever you have on hand, and fill it with ice
  2. Add the Arancita Rosso, prosecco, and tonic water
  3. Squeeze each lime wedge into the glass then plonk them in as your garnish
  4. Give it a gentle swirl
    Pro Tip: Using the handle of a long spoon makes it easier to stir

It’s as simple as that.

In all honesty, we created this recipe while trying to mix some drinks at our family Christmas gathering without a few key ingredients. After tasting it, no one cared Zio had forgotten the shopping list.

Happy mixing!

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