Ouzo Lemon Sour Cocktail Recipe

An ouzo lemon sour cocktail made with Syrtaki Ouzo

The other week we were poking around Google, looking for Ouzo cocktails and the Wikipedia page listed one. One! It’s called the ouzini. Digging a little deeper and another 2 or 3 cocktail recipes surface, but for a spirit with so much potential it’s disappointing.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple ouzo on ice; it’s fruity and refreshing. Add some juicy watermelon and salty feta, or maybe a little charred seafood, and you’re basically in heaven.

But it’s time to take that Ouzo you know and love and get a little creative.

And by that we mean make yourself an Ouzo Lemon Sour.

A little history

Sours traditionally belong to the family of original cocktails. Which means they are simple and heavy on the alcohol. Variations have been cropping up since the 1800s and include Pisco Sours, Whiskey Sours, Brandy Sours and Tequila Sours. The list goes on.

The base for this cocktail is spirit + citrus + sugar, so it’s kind of like a scaled down punch if you like. We find sours are both mouth-puckering and satisfying.

Our favourite way to drink Ouzo

Ouzo definitely shines brightest when you drink it while nibbling on some seafood or a few savoury appetisers.

We’re talking about a medley of olives, some salty cheese, a few grissini and maybe a tin of sardines. All quick and easy enough to throw together on a platter.


60ml Ouzo

30ml Arancita Orange

15ml lemon juice

Dash of egg white


You’ll need a cocktail shaker for this one. We tried without and seriously; the mess was not worth it.

Add each of the ingredients to your shaker along with some ice.

Shake like f*ck.

Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with star anise.




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