Our Story

A Generational Tale of Passion, Dedication and Craftsmanship

Three Foxes Distillery is a family owned and operated distillery that dates back four generations to 1901, with humble and honest beginnings. Our tale can be traced to the opening of a micro-distillery in Constantinople, at first established in order to produce spirits to compliment the mezze cuisine served at our family restaurant next door. This is where we showcased boutique batches of Vodka, Ouzo & Liqueurs, which was the perfect complement to the seafood-based menu, and quickly became a favorite for the customers who frequented it. Born out of this simple beginning, and drawn together by a common desire for craft distilling, three generations now work side by side, continuing the family legacy.

Coupled with our tradition, is our firm belief in creating top quality spirits, wine and liqueurs. This is accomplished by honoring each generation and pulling the best from them, uncompromising on quality and working together to passionately create signature flavors and bespoke spirits, liqueurs and cocktails that excite the palates of our customers. Driven by perfectionism and fueled by heritage, Three Foxes Distillery is focused on providing quality spirits backed by hard work and a belief that our product is never finished; we are ever-improving and exploring in order to create refined spirits that are second to none.

Bringing over 100 years of craftsmanship together, Three Foxes Distillery still works within the same family structure as it did many decades ago. Three Foxes has expanded upon our signature Vodka & Ouzo, into Vodka, Gin, Triple Sec, as well as lines of liqueurs and aperitifs, that use and adapt 100-year old recipes, infused with local ingredients, while still upholding our family traditions and standards. We endeavor to maintain our time-honored and old-world traditions while also incorporating more modern techniques. We accomplish this delicate balance by continuing our traditional craftsmanship of meticulously hand-cutting our fruits and rack drying and hanging our hand-picked herbs. Building upon that tradition, we delve into innovation by experimenting with palate-forward botanical combinations and new and inventive increased bouquets. All while never compromising on the integrity of our spirits.

Our passion and perfectionism is equally matched by our attentive quality procedures. Each bottle is a masterpiece honoring our ancestral legacy; hand-filled and capped in our distillery just as it was done over 100 years ago at our inception. At Three Foxes Distillery, our values and dedication can be experienced in the flavors of our liqueurs, aperitifs, and our signature Three Foxes Gin and Vodka, all produced with pride in Melbourne. It is our deepest desire that you and your family enjoy our spirits just as much as we enjoy producing them.

Meet The Crew

The Three Foxes share a jovial attitude toward their industry and craft, while maintaining an honest and strong work ethic, that combined, compose the cornerstone of their success. Together, they hold a vision to expand the alcoholic beverage industry by balancing the time-honored, old-world traditions of their family roots, with the modern demands of the market, while keeping their customers’ discerning palates at the centre of their vision.


Our Founder, and Master Distiller, Zaven Fenerci, first began his journey into the world of spirits in Constantinople. Zaven grew up watching his father, Johannes, who owned and operated a distillery where he began making Ouzo to pair with the mezze cuisine he served next door at his restaurant.

Zaven was born in 1926, and from a young age, began learning the trade along-side his father. Zaven quickly became skilled as an Engineer, specializing in fitting and turning and soon after, opened his own successful business. All the while, he continued to hone the distilling craft as an apprentice under his father, and tinkering with ideas in his metalworking business that would eventually lead to designing his own distilling equipment.

Zaven’s patient, methodical discipline set him up for success in the boutique craft where time and perfection were as much a part of the final spirit’s flavor as anything else.


The youngest of the Three Foxes, is Sarkis Karakis, the grandson of Zaven Fenerci and nephew to Herman Fenerci. Sarkis is a Mixologist and Distiller at Three Foxes. Sarkis was infected by the family passion of distilling at a young age. He spent as many holidays and summers as he could there, working with his uncle and grandfather at the distillery, out of sheer pleasure. He went on to study Engineering and gained a Bachelor’s Degree in this area.

Initially, his career path lead him to work in the oil and gas industry, both on and off shore, but there was always a part of Sarkis that knew that he wanted to return to the family distillery one day. He realized this childhood dream when he left Engineering and reunited with his grandfather and uncle to create what is now known as Three Foxes Distillery.


General Manager of Three Foxes, Herman Fenerci, began learning metalworking, along with the fitting and turning trade, from his father, Zaven. As Herman became more skilled, he and his father created their own fermenting and distilling equipment, and expanded their line of spirits, in addition to their signature Ozuo, to include a variety of Liqueurs.

Herman’s ability to efficiently take action, coupled with his skills in metalworking and his entrepreneurial spirit, lead to the opening of a distillery workplace, where Three Foxes still trades to this day. It is this open-minded spirit and family partnership that has been the driving force behind their successful operation and hands on servicing of satisfied clients since 1982.