Immunotini: The Cocktail You Should Be Drinking Right Now

immunotini cocktail with manuka honey, ginger and lemon

You’ve heard of the Quarantini but how about the Immunotini?

Of course you haven’t. We just made it up.

It’s tart with just a hint of sweetness and has a delicious, healthy spice hidden within.

Before we go any further we must state that we aren’t claiming alcohol cures illness. It’s not the 1850s. Nor will it boost your immune system. Or prevent Covid-19 (only social distancing and proper hygiene practices can do that).

We’re simply looking for ways to have fun whilst staying home. And making up cocktails is fun for us.

So what makes this an Immunotini? 

Citrus, ginger and honey! 

This super tasty trio has been known to help a body out during times of illness. This isn’t just hippy woo woo stuff. There is scientific evidence to back it up.

Citrus has lots of vitamins and minerals that make it a healthy fruit but the one we’re all familiar with is its help in fighting the common cold. This is thanks to the high levels of Vitamin C naturally found in all citrus. There is still some debate around whether or not Vitamin C can prevent a cold but it certainly helps reduce the length of time fighting one. 

There are 11 proven health benefits of ginger including reducing nausea, aiding digestion and fighting the common cold and flu. You can use it fresh, dried, powdered, in oil or juice it. It’s downright delicious and super useful. 

Manuka honey is quite the achiever in the health benefits department; boasting antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe a sore throat, improve the digestive system and help heal both minor and chronic wounds!

So now we’re done with the health class portion of this post, let’s move on to the mixology part.


Hopefully you have most of this in your pantry. 

45ml Vodka

30ml fresh squeezed orange juice

15ml fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 tsp manuka 300+ honey (any honey will do but the higher the MGO of the honey the better it’s germ attacking capabilities are)

1 piece of fresh ginger, finely cut into a long thin slice

1 piece of lemon peel


The immunotini will take around 15 minutes to make because you are going to start by making an infusion with your vodka.

To do this, pour 45ml of vodka into a glass and add the fresh ginger, lemon peel and honey. Smoosh it a little with a muddle stick (or fork) then let this sit for at least 10 minutes to extract the goodness and flavour.

Once your vodka infusion is ready, cut and juice the citrus fruits. Wait until you are ready to make your cocktail before doing this because fresh is always best.

Fill your glass with ice and set aside.

Next grab a cocktail shaker, add the vodka infusion (ginger and lemon included) and the citrus juice. Give it a really good shake.

Tip the ice out of your glass and then strain your cocktail into the glass. 

Add a fresh slice of ginger and another piece of lemon peel to garnish. Or simply fish out the pieces you used to infuse the vodka to start with.

Here’s to your good health!

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