Drinking To Our Health: A Trend Craft Distillers Can Embrace

Two people drinking cocktails about to cheers

Australians are drinking less and doing so less often. In the past decade, alcohol consumption has dropped by 14.5%, with personal health, lifestyle factors and a focus on moderation all influencing this decision.

It’s great to see Aussies making better choices with alcohol consumption. But this doesn’t mean we’ll stop socialising over a drink and some food. We just want the calories to be worth it.

These days, the desire for Sunday morning selfies with glowing skin and bright-eyes is stronger than the desire for a fourth drink. We care about what we put into our bodies so even though cocktails are still on the menu, do we want to be drinking a European liqueur high in sugar? Keto fans would give a resounding no.

Many craft distillers have responded to this emerging market that is looking for healthier alternatives.

We’re not talking about the guys who grab a bulk batch of spirits and add some flavour to it. We’re talking about the ones who own the whole process, from still to barrel to bottle. This genuine hands-on production and commitment to small batch distilling means they’re always able to explore ways of refining their products.

Often craft distillers are part of their local community, with direct access to farmers and producers who supply fresh ingredients.

This way of producing takes a lot of passion and drive. They’re creating bespoke spirits and liqueurs low in processed sugar and alcohol content and enhancing signature flavours with natural and organic ingredients.

And what a triumph this is with better quality spirits and liqueurs filling the back bars of our local watering hole.

So let’s say goodbye to drinking cocktails that give you a sugar hangover and hello Friday night knock-offs big on taste, minus the guilt.

We’ll drink to that.

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