Bottled Cocktails Are Cool Now

Foxtails. A tray of brightly coloured bottled cocktails

Bottled cocktails are not new. But the quality, taste and number of available options is definitely new. The allure of a bottled cocktail is without a doubt convenience. Life can get complicated. But a delicious cocktail that only needs a quick chill can be a welcome relief at the end of a boring day.

They also make it possible to enjoy a better quality drink at home (or anywhere else you desire) for a fraction of the cost. Mixing yourself a decent martini at home will cost upward of $100 after you’ve stocked your bar cart with the right, good quality ingredients. And that’s just for one style of cocktail. Heaven forbid your drinking partner has a hankering for a sweet fizz.

Where to find them

Thankfully, you’ll have no trouble finding something online or your local bottle shop. In fact, there is an entire world of premium mixed drinks out there for you to discover. We’re talking about everything from traditional aged cocktails to canned vermouths and an array of delicate wine spritzers. These are not complicated concoctions with unrecognisable ingredients. They are simple yet innovative creations by some of the best wineries, craft distillers and cocktail bars in the industry.

You can also banish the idea of brightly coloured four packs from your mind. Instead, think slick minimal designs and shapely bottles that won’t give you pause as you head to the next social gathering.

Along came Foxtails

Small-batch bottled cocktails were an enticing concept for us. We created the Foxtails & Co range in 2018 by using our signature mix of old-world traditions, modern techniques and some experimentation with flavours.

Our take is a little different from a traditional aged cocktail which is made using bottled spirits and liqueurs.

Foxtails are stripped-backed cocktails. Each Foxtail showcases one of our craft spirits, infused with real fruits and organic botanicals. We proudly handcraft and bottle every single one in our family-run distillery.

There are five standout ready-to-drink cocktails in the range. We’ve got fruity ones, one for cold brew enthusiasts, one for those who like a little spice and one for traditional cocktail connoisseurs. They are perfectly transportable and easy to enjoy after a quick chill.

Have we convinced you yet?

We hope so, because it’s time to raise your glass and drink to a hassle-free, happy hour.


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