Blood Orange & Elderflower Fizz Cocktail

Blood orange and elderflower fizz cocktail

We’ve got a really fun Arancita Rosso cocktail recipe for you! Do you remember Fruit Tingles? They were those slightly fizzy and sugary fruit lollies you quaffed as a kid? ⁠ Well, those childhood Fruit Tingles had a major glow up.⁠ Let us introduce the Blood Orange & Elderflower Fizz.

We got a kick out of this cocktail. It is sweet, spicy, fizzy and a fun trip down memory lane for your taste buds.⁠ It also only takes 3 ingredients to whip together, doesn’t require any fancy equipment and the recipe is easily convertible if you want to make a jug to enjoy with friends.


30ml Arancita Rosso⁠ (the bitter sweet spice)
10ml elderflower & rose cordial⁠ (the fruity sweet)
Ginger ale⁠ (the spicy fizz)


Start by filling your glass with ice

Add the Arancita Rosso, cordial and top with the ginger ale.

It’s important the glass is filled with ice to begin with otherwise you will end up with too much ginger ale and the spicy notes can be overpowering. Or maybe you like a palette-punching spice flavour, in which case, go nuts.

Give it a good swirl with the end of a long spoon.

Then you’ll want to grab two chunky lime wedges, squeeze them to release the juice and slip into your glass for the finishing touch. The squeezing is important because the citrus will help cut through the sweetness of the cordial.


It’s a pretty forgiving recipe so you could certainly tweak to suit your tastes. Maybe add some tonic water to mellow the flavour and up the botanical notes? Or try swapping in your childhood favourite fruity cordial mix?

Who knows what yummy variation you’ll come up with?

Let your taste buds guide you 🙂

Happy Tasting!

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